The Cyco community

The software is here (mostly). The wiki is here (mostly). The community is not.

Cyco needs humans with different talents. Including:

  • Geeks
  • Instructors
  • Authors
  • Organizers

DrupalCyberCourse is based on Drupal. Drupal has a template system, a permissions system, etc. Cyco adds modules that don't exist in Drupal (like a formative feedback module), and configures the rest of Drupal, to make a turn-key system. That's what a "Drupal distribution" is: Drupal core + software modules + configuration + documentation. Geeks would improve the software.

Teachers and authors would work with the geeks on software features, identifying and testing them. They'd also improve the wiki, adding content on designing Cycourses, being an effiective student, ... whatever they think important. Teachers and authors are also the best people to write documentation.

The organizers would keep everyone connected. I'm not so good at this.

How to get this done? Got any ideas? Please let me know.